The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

Start Collecting Lead Data on your Website Visitors. Using the Raek Retargeting App you can start collecting lead info on website visitors even if they don't fill out a contact form.

Different Ways To Use Raek

Email Marketing / Retargeting

Create FB Lookalike Audiences

Triggered Direct Mail

Raek doesn't just send you emails…
we send full profiles

Email Address

First & Last Name

Landing Page on Your Site

Postal Address

Original Opt-In Date

How does Raek actually get these emails?

1. Web Tracking

Install Raek code snippet on your website

Various installation options such as wordpress plugins

This takes 90 seconds

Web Tracking

2. Identification

We identify anonymous traffic.

We've built a partner database of over 500 million email addresses (and growing), all have 3rd party opt-ins.

Our tech can now accurately identify up to 35% of US internet traffic (on average), across all devices and sessions.

All of which YOU have permission to market to.

Don't believe us? Just try it. Setup takes 60 seconds. You'll like what you see.

3. CAN-SPAM Compliant

All emails have previously opted-in to receive promotions from our partner network.

Only US-based emails participate, which means it's 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.

Can-Spam Compliant

4. CRM/ESP Integration

You can easily integrate with your Email Marketing Application.

Don't see your Email Marketing app?

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