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Search Engines

Maximize the effectiveness of search traffic passing through your website

Social Media

Identifying social traffic and building loyalty campaigns increases conversions

Workflow Automation

Turn your sales funnel autopilot on, with seamless integrations

Stunning Reports

Highly optimized reporting grants instant overviews of your pipeline

Done For You Engagements

Use proven High Converting client closing email notifications optimized for retention

Any Industry

Almost all businesses need to capture and market to their website visitors

Cost Efficient

With minimal overhead you can continue to engage your traffic no matter what size of business you have

Comprehensive Training

Get the latest implementation training material, continuously updated by marketing experts

Different Ways To Use Raek

Email Marketing / Retargeting

Create FB Lookalike Audiences

Triggered Direct Mail

Raek doesn't just identify emails…
We build complete profiles

Email Address

First & Last Name

Landing Page on Your Site

Postal Address

Original Opt-In Date

Raek Works on Autopilot

Get Started: Choose a Plan and Enter Your Website

Choose a plan which fits your needs and start analyzing data on all your traffic, whether its known or anonymous traffic. You will have centralized access to your profiles and be able to route them to whichever marketing solution you choose.

Then, See advanced data as the system processing incoming traffic allowing you to determine the quality of the traffic and profiles detected.

You can see information like Contact Information, Location Data, Traffic Sources and Quality Ranking.

Deploy in minutes on any web infrastructure

Raek runs anywhere, in any cloud. You install it in minutes with a simple piece of code, optimized for your architecture. Our detection software offers unified analysis, compatible with all major web technologies, including multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups.

Web Hosting
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
WP Engine
Digital Ocean

How does Raek actually work?

Web Tracking

#1 Web Tracking

Install Raek code snippet on your website

Various installation options such as wordpress plugins

This takes 90 seconds

Web Tracking

#2 Identification

Raek monitors web traffic to determine if the user will convert in real-time.

Unsuccessfully converted traffic is identified by cross referencing the Raek Network.

Identified traffic profiles are built and added to your account.

Can-Spam Compliant

#3 CAN-SPAM Compliant

All Identified Profiles have previously opted-in to receive promotions from our partner network.

Only US-based emails participate, which means it's 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.

Can-Spam Compliant

#4 CRM/ESP Integration

You can easily integrate with modern Email Marketing Applications and CRM's.

Don't see your Email Marketing app?


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