Making your first-party data work for you.

RAEK is a simple tool that enables you to collect, organize, and utilize your first-party data.

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It all starts with a single line of code.

RAEK installs on your website with one of our plugins (recommended), Google Tag Manager, or direct installation. Installation only takes a few minutes.

RAEK gets to work.

RAEK runs in the background, collecting identifiable first-party data on your website visitors and tagging unknown visitors for identification. Customer data is organized into profiles. Which is then displayed in the visitor vault on RAEK's dashboard.

Now the good part.

Your audience — now you truly own it. The customer data profiles RAEK builds are now yours forever.

Do more with your data.

You can use your first-party data for email marketing, SMS messaging, AD networks, building custom audiences, sales outreach, direct mail, or through the marketing channel of your choice.

Customer Vault

Benefits & Features

Automatic collection.

RAEK collects your first-party data from your forms, popups, quizzes, and purchases and organizes them all in one place. Allowing you to quickly use data from multiple sources through your marketing channels.

Anonymous visitors — we got you.

RAEK fingerprints all website visitors. Once a visitor is identified on the RAEK network, we push their customer information to your dashboard, so you can retarget them through the marketing channel of your choice. It's our solution to the iOS 14.5 update and third- party cookie depreciation.

Neat and tidy data.

You have first-party data. A lot of it. But it's a mess. RAEK organizes all your first-party data into profiles which are formatted to be easily used by your ESP, CRM, AD platforms, and sales team.

Visitor analytics dashboard.

Simple and easy to understand website visitor analytics, allowing you to see your web traffic and customer profiles built over time.

Visitor Vault.

Your first-party data visitor profiles are stored in your Visitor Vault. In the Vault you can view your visitor profiles, store them, download as a CSV file, or integrate them with your other marketing tools.

RAEK Dashboard

Sound too good to be true? Here's what our customers have to say.

Your first-party data is your most powerful asset

Your first-party data is your most powerful asset

Join the thousands of businesses growing their customer data with RAEK