3 Ways to Find New Clients Without Spending a Fortune

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    Business owners know that if they want to generate more clients, they need to find ways to promote their services and find new customers. The best way to do that is to generate new leads, but is that something a local business owner can do? This may sound like a challenging task, but maybe it’s not as hard as you may think.

    One key to generating leads is to have really smart, high-performing agents on your team. Most small business owners don’t have the resources to put a marketing campaign in place. Many owners don’t have the time or knowledge to market online, and many don’t even know what online marketing is. Ethical business practices are important in lead generation, and you have to leverage these practices with technological advancements. But here’s something really key to remember: Always align your clients’ interests with the company’s. Why? Because they’re your business!

    As long as you know where to look, and you are willing to accept only the highest-quality leads, you’re on the right track. A lot of what a successful real estate agent does, for example, is to manage existing client relationships, and that alone is huge. Word of mouth goes a long way, and if you can get your customers/clients to do the advertising for you, that’s not only the best kind of advertising – it’s also free! 

    Now here are 3 other simple ways to find new clients without spending a fortune on online advertising.

    #1 Stop Focusing on Transactions

    When you start out in your business, it’s tempting to chase down every deal that comes in, but that’s not the way to grow. Instead, focus on how to get leads, and give your customers the best customer service that you can possibly provide. Good customer service is a combination of great and prompt service. You also have to focus on asking the right questions. Instead of asking people if they have seen the house or property you are selling, you want to find out what their dream home is, or even their dream vacation.

    #2 Leverage Online Advertising for Leads

    At the moment, you’ll find two primary methods to generate leads online, and they both involve websites. But it’s not enough to advertise on a website and assume your leads will find you. The goal is to grow a relationship with a website first, and then, with the internet. One of the first steps to using a website is to collect data is to use a list of questions on your website, and take note of who responds to them, and make a note of the search queries. Next, measure the leads that come in, and track the number of leads that convert into clients, and the number that become top clients.

    #3 Build a Team of Expert Agents

    The key is finding great agents who believe in you—and in the relationship you’re building with them. That means knowing the right questions to ask and the right ways to provide service that will build a long-lasting relationship. You want to give your clients a reason to keep coming back. When you’re building a relationship with your top agents, look for team-building activities. Many companies out there ask agents to do all sorts of things on their own, but if your agents aren’t working together on a team, it’s tough to build a successful company.

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