3 Ways Your Business Can Ride the YouTube Horse and Rustle Up Some Revenue

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    The consumer revolution has found its way into your internet ad space. In 2016, YouTube generated $5.5 billion in revenue from advertising. If you aren’t paying attention to YouTube ads, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to increase the engagement of your customer base.

    What makes this money generation so powerful is the fact that Youtube ads are dynamic and nuanced. How can a video ad take users from passive viewer to the end customer? You can take advantage of this for your online business by adding a targeted “learn more” video ad to your Youtube channel.

    Here are three strategies that you can leverage for Youtube advertising:

    #1 Webinar Video Advertisements

    Earning attention for a webinar video ad requires a lot more than a professional looking presentation. You have to strike a very specific tone, communicate what you have to offer in an engaging way, and provide value for your audience. All this has to be done with a video ad, so you have a few options to get started.

    Find some passionate fans who are willing to deliver your brand message to the world on YouTube. Then, have the fans provide a “skit” for your webinar. Depending on the length of your skit, you can split it up into multiple different spots. As an added bonus, these skits will get exposure to new viewers, and the viewers will leave the channel with a vested interest in what they’ve just watched.

    Create a custom video ad for your webinar in a premium plugin that provides your company with branding, automation, and the ability to personalize it. The plugin handles the creative aspect of the video ad, allowing you to focus on messaging and communication. It provides analytics tracking, giving you data about who is viewing your video ad, and whether or not they are performing certain actions.

    #2 Educational Video Advertisements

    We admit that using the words “education” or “lesson” in a sentence usually sounds kind of boring. However, with educational YouTube ads, it’s quite the opposite! You can use your channel to educate and engage your audience, while also driving traffic to your product page.

    When you’re building an educational video, you’ll need to provide content in the form of a short video. You should promote the video in an effort to draw your audience in. The optimal length for a video will vary from brand to brand. If your audience likes to see videos that are over 15 minutes, for example, they’ll need to sit through an extended video to get the full benefit. So when it comes to length, you’ll need to ask your audience what works best for them.

    Once you have a great video in mind, you can send the link out to your subscribers in an email blast. Let’s say your company is an electronics manufacturer, and you’re trying to draw in your prospects. Sending out a new educational video that explains how your products work, and how they can enhance their lives is the best way to drive new business.

    #3 Question-Answering Videos

    If you’re selling a product that has a user interface (UI) that needs to be interacted with, you’re going to need video ads to convey a sense of transparency and answer questions.

    For example, if your product comes with proprietary wiring that needs to be inserted in every electronic product that you sell, you’ll need to have an ad that answers user questions. This can be the single most important ad you’ll ever create, because people are hesitant to buy a product that has something they’re unfamiliar with.

    To create a YouTube video ad, send your audience a short video that answers their questions. You can then promote the video on your company’s homepage. Using the push to play ad format, users will be able to skip the video ad if they like your video so much that they want to watch it a second time.

    Use This to Your Advantage

    With the combination of premium tools and free resources, you can create all kinds of content for your channel. This means your audience will see content in the form of video ads, and they’ll see you as an authority in your industry. Your brand awareness will rise, and sales will grow at a rapid pace.

    Now that you know the potential benefits of YouTube ads, you’ll be more than happy to keep them up in rotation!

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