39 Black Friday Email Subject Lines That Get Clicks

Black Friday Subject Lines that get clicks
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    It doesn’t matter how epic your Black Friday emails and deals are if no one opens them. The competition is high and inboxes are crowded. Here are 39 Black Friday email subject lines to help you stand out inboxes.

    The Two Subject Line Ingredients Needed for Opens

    Before we dive into actual Black Friday email subject line examples, remember your subject line will need two things to get opened. Whether you copy a below subject line exactly or use them for inspiration to craft your own, keep in mind it needs to be direct and urgent. 

    Directness: Your subject line needs to be direct to save the subscriber time. The week of Black Friday, they are staring at an overflowing inbox and quickly scanning senders and subject lines to see what deserves a click. At other times of the year clever headlines often get more opens but From Black Friday through Giving Tuesday your offer, stated clearly, is going to be the main event. 

    Urgency: Your subject line also needs to create a bit of FOMO. Black Friday does this all by itself, but a little reminder that your killer deal won’t last forever helps with opens. 

    Pre-Sale Teaser Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    90% of purchases made online during Black Friday are from people who have previously opened an email from the brand. Making your both your Black Friday email list and pre-sale teaser emails immensely valuable.

    1. Tinker Watches: Something New is Coming on Black Friday ⌚
    2. Apple: Get an Apple Store Gift Card of up to $200. Starting this Friday.
    3. Bose: Black Friday offers are coming | Reveal your savings inside
    4. Google: Get an early look at Black Friday deals
    5. Article: This weekend only: please don’t shop ❌.
    6. Eve: Something big is coming…
    7. J. Crew: Are you ready for tomorrow?
    8. Milk and Honey Tees: Psst! Something BIG is Coming

    Early Access Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    Early access emails are becoming more and more common as brands try to get to customers before they are bombarded with emails on Friday. Brands are also promising email subscribers early access as a way to build their email list prior to the shopping day. 

    1. Freshly: 🕰️ You Can’t Wait: Get $60 Off Our Pre-Black Friday Sale
    2. Albion Fit: Save 40% off on super sale swim
    3. R+Co: Early Access 🎟 Up To 35% OFF Black Friday
    4. Sub_Urban Riot: 🚨 Black Friday Sale (Vip Early Access) 🚨
    5. Hungryroot: CONFIDENTIAL: Black Friday early access
    6. Wantable: ‼️ $25 off ‼️

    Sale Launch Black Friday Email Subject Lines 

    You’ll notice that all of these subject lines tick the direct and urgent boxes. While stating a clear offer. 

    1. Grammarly: TODAY ONLY: 55% OFF an entire year of Premium goodness
    2. United by Blue: It’s Here! 25% Off Everything + Free Shipping
    3. Tanner Goods: Today’s the day. 20% off site-wide!
    4. Starry: Black Friday – Starry Station is $224.99 for a limited time.
    5. Adidas: ★ 50% OFF! Black Friday Drops Now ★
    6. Scout Books: Shop Small on Black Friday – 30% off shopwide! 🌟
    7. Revive Superfoods: 40% OFF x 2 for Black Friday
    8. Zappos: Just for You: $15 CODE!
    9. Sorel: Black Friday 25% off. While stock lasts.
    10. Third Love: Up to 60% off + extra 20% off $150+
    11. Hunt A Killer: It’s finally here! Limited quantities available.

    Last Chance / Urgency Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    You’ll want to send at least 3 emails to your subscriber list about your Black Friday offer. Multiple times in someone’s inbox increases the likelihood they’ll see your offer among the sea of emails in their inbox. 

    1. Withings: Last hours to get up to $100 off our award-winning smart devices
    2. Google: Black Friday deals are almost over.
    3. DesignModo: LAST DAY: 60% OFF on Designmodo, Black Friday Sale! 🔥
    4. Critical Slide: Last Hours – 30% Off Sitewide – Use Code ’30OFF’ at Checkout
    5. Modernica: ENDS TONIGHT! Shop Black Friday Deals
    6. Casper: Last day to get your $75 gift!
    7. Ulta: FINAL HOURS: $10 off & up to 50% off ⏰
    8. J Crew: Ends tonight: the Black Friday Event
    9. Hungryroot: LAST CHANCE for $90 off

    Extending the Sale Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    Extending your sale emails are a last ditch effort to round up the hold outs before your sale ends. Remember to state your offer clearly to stand out. 

    1. Withings: 🤫 Shhh! Black Friday is back. Just for you!
    2. National Geographic: Black Friday Extended – Geno 2.0 for only $49.95 | Save up to 70% on Nat Geo gifts!
    3. Sub_Urban Riot: SALE EXTENDED! 🚨
    4. Calm: Sale extended for Mary! Last chance to redeem.
    5. Hungryroot: Just extended: $90 off

    Wrapping It Up

    Hopefully we gave you a good starting point for your Black Friday email subject lines.

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