4 Reasons Writing is the Muhammad Ali of Marketing

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    There are so many different marketing strategies out there that you can quickly lose count. Looking to drive traffic to your website? Attract leads’ attention to your advertising? Draw folks into your storefront? Get leads to invest in your business? There are too many ways to list. (Although we try our best to cover all marketing angles here in our blog!) That said, all good marketing has one major thing in common…

    Sounds like clickbait, right? Blogger discovers one thing ALL marketing has in common – advertisers hate him!

    For real, though, that one thing is strong writing. As a business, ad, or marketing team, you simply can’t do without strong writing. Let’s cover 4 big reasons to ensure a great writing strategy plays a role in all your marketing efforts. No joke, good writing is like a champion boxer: It can knock you out. Or hopefully, as a business, knock the bills from customers’ wallets.

    #1 Blogs Are an Easy Way to Make Google Happy

    Don’t you want to make Google happy? If you don’t, Google will drop you and your marketing cohorts right down the tube to the bottom of the search list. Yikes. Google’s algorithm ranks websites in a way that is, well, fairly mysterious. A quick search for the algorithm’s preferences will likely yield all kinds of conflicting claims.

    The SEO industry strives in perpetuity to gratify that algorithm so they can rank up in its list of coveted top results. Here is one constant you can pretty much rely on though: Google likes high-quality content. Want to keep your business’ website at the top of relevant results? Make sure your website is a consistent well of high-quality content that updates on a regular basis. That means, often as not, that you need useful written articles that engage users and keep them anchored to your page until they’ve really absorbed your message.

    #2 Written Content Establishes Trust with Your Leads

    When you meet someone in person, how do you communicate with them? Words! Maybe some amount of winking and similar stuff is your deal, but speech is pretty much the lead player in the in-person communication game.

    On the internet, that means you can either make a video every time you want to communicate or intersperse that with some amount of writing. To convert those leads, you have to build trust and rapport. Show that lead, time and again, how your product/service is the answer to their challenges—how it improves their lives. They need to like and trust you. No matter how advanced tech becomes, the ancient method of trust building is still the foundation of a sale.

    And you build that trust using clear, high-quality writing.

    Got a beautiful website with powerful graphics? Great!  But it’s not worth a wooden nickel if you can’t include persuasive copy to vigorously deliver your value proposition.

    #3 Other Mediums Are Less Accessible (for You to Get into)

    Want to promote your product service? Why not enlist Jennifer Lawrence to do it for you! Or maybe you can just grab a quick slot during the superbowl! …Yeah, those options are a bit, shall we say, “up there.” As in, unless you’re Pepsi or Toyota, it ain’t happening. 

    These ad methods, while highly effective, cost massive money. In fact, even more common digital advertising methods like Facebook ads can start threatening your budget pretty quickly. Good writing, on the other hand, is about as cheap as it comes. Good thing it’s so powerful! A simple collection of words on page/screen can do virtually anything you want it to. J.K. Rowling and Stephen King built their fortunes on paper and ink. Writing can persuade, inspire, disgust, provoke, and, most importantly, sell!

    Versatility? Accessibility? Power? Triple-check.

    #4 Writing Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee

    The business world moves like greased lightning, and it’s a real trial-and-error process for most businesses. Good marketing means learning from your mistakes and making smart revisions. You need to be adaptive, quick, and oriented toward taking action. Get the results, analyze them, revise your process, and re-aim the ol’ marketing cannon.

    How best to assume this supreme advertising posture? You know the answer by now – yep, it’s writing again. Writing is without question the most profoundly dynamic method ever to grace a lead’s coveted attention. To react to a competitor, a developing trend, or a key industry event, blog posts can be drafted and shared in times so (relatively) brief that they make other ad media look like they’re moving 10MPH on the freeway.

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