6 More Email Templates That Hook Attention Like A Prize Catch

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    More templates? Well, if you insist! 

    You can see our first entry on 8 powerful email template services here, but this article will focus on 6 new services that we love just as much as our original 8. Looking to revitalize your brand image with gorgeous new email layouts?

    These template services are the perfect complement of minimal effort and creative opportunity to kick your marketing email into high gear.

    That is, they make the work fast, and you can still unleash your inner artist (you know he/she is hiding in there somewhere). Best of all, just like our first list, every entry in this article is free! Not bad, eh?

    #1 Material Design

    By: Paul Goddard

    Based on Google’s Material Design, this template has a cool kind of retro-cyberpunk feel.It works really well for delivering multi-purpose newsletters to introduce new products/services. This template’s theme doesn’t really fit a specific industry, but it’s got a classic tech look that may appeal to your audience (you would know best). Material Design’s been tested using Litmus, and it’s compatible with all major providers. Oh, and it even includes customizable HTML files for the devs and web gurus among you.

    #2 Briar by SliceJack

    By: SliceJack

    Looking for a minimal, fluid design? Images and text that don’t overpower or interfere with one another? Briar is your go-to email newsletter template. You can customize Briar’s Inline CSS files, it’s been tested with Litmus, and it works beautifully with nearly all major email service providers. Android Gmail app is not fully supported, and some older versions of Outlook might not render all the Google fonts. 

    #3 EmailOctopus

    If nothing else, it wins the award for coolest name on the list. EmailOctopus launched 11 templates anyone can use to create newsletters for a wide range of unique industries. Marketing for a lawn care company? Crafting materials brand? You’re virtually guaranteed to find a template here to suit your needs. EmailOctopus templates feature a “typical newsletter” look, but importantly, they let you feature stories, include product announcements, and drop those inviting little CTAs wherever you please. 

    All templates with Email Octopus can be modified using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. Template downloads include the HTML files, and the  templates have been tested via Litmus across all major providers. They’re also quite responsive to most screen sizes, which can be a real godsend.

    #4 Root

    By: HubSpot

    As a newsletter template, Root is responsive and versatile. It’s designed with the idea in mind that users will want to include a “hero image” (an oversized banner image at the top), which helps you promote product offers and announce important sales. With Root, you can display/ announce new product deals in a highly observable way. The template download also includes instructional text for new users, and it’s been tested to work with all major email clients.

    #5 Postcards by Designmodo

    By: Designmodo

    With Postcards, you can build your own email newsletters. There’s a drag-and-drop feature that lets you select those items you feel will best fit your needs, including eCommerce features, CTAs, and hero images. This level of versatility helps you customize each individual newsletters you send—if that’s something you want to do.

    Postcards’ default state includes a kind of visual contrast that pushes your content stand out, but you can also customize your templates for something more subtle. Even with customization, however, there’s a sleek modernity to the Postcards aesthetic, and it’s a real treat. Export your templates with a single click when you’re done. As always, Postcards’ modules have been Litmus-tested – they work well with all major email providers.

    #6 Feshto by Liramail

    By: Liramail

    This is actually an email bundle that can be used to help ecommerce companies feature their products/share testimonials from happy customers. The basic package comes with a weekly digest feature, AKA the newsletter format. The newsletter module has this sparkling clean design to make sure your copy/images don’t distract from each other. Selectable layouts include “Blog Article,” “Weekly Digest,” and “City Story.”

    These templates work really well for smaller product features and customer/client testimonials. Black-and-white is the default theme, but you can make edits to Feshto content in whatever WYSIWYG editor you like to use. This is yet another responsive template compatible with all major providers.

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