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    Marketing emails are not as easy as dropping some text into a blank box. You send Uncle Joe’s chainmail straight to your spam folder for a reason (even if you feel a tad guilty about it).

    Marketing emails have to compete with social media and other attention grabbers like Netflix.

    They can, of course, do this—but they have to be done right. If you’re not into the idea of “hand-coding” your own template, your saving grace will be these free templates. Need to fit your new brand’s look or bring a dead brand back to life? Here are 8 strong email template services that we love and swear by (check back for a new blog on our other favorites soon!)

    #1 Pook

    By: Litmus

    Litmus provides free email templates in a wide collection. Sleek, modern, and fun, all included templates have been tested with Litmus, and it’s very easy to sneak a peek at how your email will look in different email clients. You’ll have to make a Litmus account using your email address, but still, the templates are totally free!

    #2 Sonata

    By: Web Canopy Studio

    Another freebie! You can get Sonata on the HubSpot platform, and it’s free to any HubSpot user. Sonata’s templates present sparkling and clean, providing image slots for your branding needs. Nearly any component of the templates can be customized, and you can pick them up at the HubSpot Template Marketplace.

    #3 ZURB Ink

    By: ZURB Studios

    With five free responsive email templates, ZURB provides a fluid, easy-to-understand layout that you can customize using images, wording, and colors of your choice.To check out and compare how each template looks through different email clients, you can take screenshots of each template’s email client test (available via site itself). 

    #4 Wire

    By: HubSpot

    Wire is our next newsletter template, and it caters to marketers who are pushing some new service/product – that is, businesses that want to get the word out as effectively as possible. Wire templates feature a thin, light-colored typeface that contrasts powerfully with a dark background. The tools are there, but the copy is all up to you!

    #5 99designs

    By: 99designs

    99designs represents a good-sized community, and it’s growing. This space is for designers and small businesses who want to specialize in strong designer/business blogs. They’ve released a free set of 45 free email templates, which are perfect for personalized responses, promotional messages, and of course, newsletters. All templates from 99designs are completely responsive and perfectly compatible with all the major email clients nowadays.

    #6 Webinar Invite

    By: WorkCast

    WorkCast’s Webinar Invite templates can be used to promote articles, new products, and more. However, its chief utility can be found in its promotional capacity. These templates are ideal for promoting webinars in particular. Many of these templates provide a good balance of both graphic and text so as to snatch up the attention of clients and hit‘ em with all the key webinar details so they can show up.

    #7 Resonant

    By: HubSpot

    HubSpot’s at it again, folks! The Resonant template’s base design is ideal for welcoming new users/clients to your program. It’s key that, during this part of the “customer’s journey,” you don’t overwhelm or inundate your newest users by hurling excess content in their direction. What you want to do is give them an impression of your business – show them who you are! This template features a wide top space for images and a slot for text blurbs beneath it. Use this template for emails that help new users finalize registration, offer the next-highest tier of product/service, etc. 

    #8 MailPortfolio

    By: SliceJack

    Does your marketing strategy rely on powerful visuals? MailPortfolio may be your best bet. Offering a minimal template without background distractions, it works well for users who want to show off a creative portfolio. The template is responsive (tested with Litmus), and works great with all email clients. 

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