How to Get Started with Email Marketing From Scratch

This guide is for people who have decided they are ready to take the plunge into email marketing and are looking for a map to get started. It’s covers everything on how to do email marketing yourself. If you still need convincing if email marketing is right for your business, read our Guide to First-Party…

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Fighting Back Against Walled Gardens with First-Party Data

Walled Gardens Advertising

Walled Gardens control a disproportionate amount of digital advertising spend and the percentage, currently 74%, is growing each year.  Each year they know more and more about your customers, you know less, and you have no choice but to pay them to reach your customers. Is there anything you can do about it? Or are…

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What is a WordPress Child Theme and Do You Need One?

do you need a wordpress child theme

Should you be using a WordPress child theme? Today we’re going over what a child theme is and the pros and cons of using one, so you can decide if you should use one on your own WordPress website.  What is a WordPress child theme? Child themes allow WordPress developers and users to customize websites…

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The Top Digital Marketing Agency Tools

Digital Marketing Agency Tools

Digital Marketing Agencies have unique needs when it comes to tools, they need to work well, but they also need to be able to scale and allow you to easily manage multiple client accounts. It’s a tall order, so we went straight to the experts – our own clients, who happen to be some of…

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How To Use First-Party Data 101

How to Use First-party data

First-party data, you’ve collected it, now what do you do with it? Today we’re jumping into how to use first-party data to boost the effectiveness of your marketing if you’re a small business. Ok, here’s the deal the majority of people and businesses who talk about first-party data talk about creating a 360° view of…

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How To Respect Time and Attention in Email Marketing

This morning, I received an email from a multibillion-dollar company telling me I had scored something free. We’re big fans of (good) email marketing here at RAEK, and the subject line made me curious, so I opened the email. I found that I had “scored” an opportunity to market their product for them and a…

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