Black Friday Email Examples

Black Friday Email Examples
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    Black Friday is fast approaching, and we’re all out here looking for click worthy Black Friday email examples. We’ve got you! Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Black Friday emails. 

    Subscription Black Friday Email Example – Reducing Friction

    People have a lot of questions and worries when signing up for subscriptions. While this email doesn’t top the charts of visually appealing emails, it does an incredible job of reducing friction. 

    Plan to Eat answers the most commonly asked subscription questions right in their email. This both makes the person feel more secure in their decision to begin their description and frees up their staff from having to answer the same questions repeatedly over the 4 days of the sale.

    Black Friday Email Examples

    Reactivation Black Friday Email Example

    Use Black Friday as an opportunity to reactive customers who haven’t purchased in a while. Here, Revive Superfoods sends a hard to refuse offer to try to get former customers to reactivate their subscription. Best thing, there isn’t anything the person needs to do but click the button. This reduces the friction of having to enter a coupon code, which are often difficult to copy, or complete other steps at checkout. 

    Reactivation black friday email example

    Product Launch Email

    When Senita Athletics launches new prints and styles, they quickly sell out, so fans have to be on top of launches. What better way to get people to open your emails than launching a new product every day for 8 days AND offering a discount! This keeps people clicking to open emails and gets them to your website 8 times. Emails work as ads for your company, with people usually purchasing other items than advertised in the email. 

    This email also communicates to subscribers that they will be receiving 8 emails. The expectation for multiple emails is set, and people are less likely to unsubscribe. 

    Product launch black friday email example

    Spend More Save More Email

    Two great things about this email. 1 – the TV is a gif which really catches your eye. 2 – it’s direct and to the point. The coupons code and the progressive discounts they offer are the main event. Subscribes don’t have to scroll through too many product images to find out how much they can save. Direct is always best during Black Friday. 

    Buy More save More balck friday email example

    The Get Your Cart Ready Email

    This is a great Black Friday sale teaser email example. It informs subscribers of the upcoming sale, encourages them to click to get a preview of what the sales items will be, encourages people to add the items they like to their wishlist (hello wishlist item reminder flow), AND lets them know club members get a 24hr head start on the sale with a button to join the club. Sending a preview email before Black Friday increases your chance of getting an open and gives subscribers the option to allot some of their shopping budget to you before the big day.

    GEt Your Cart Ready Black Friday email example

    The One Day Only Email

    The subject line of this email reads – TODAY ONLY: 55% OFF an entire year of Premium goodness.

    Before readers even open the email, they know this is not one of those never ending Black Friday sales. The star of this email is the bold 55% offer! On Black Friday, your offer should always be the star of the show. The reminder above the call to action stating the subscriber only has until midnight to take advantage of the offer creates urgency. Direct + urgency = clicks on Black Friday. 

    one day only black friday email example

    The No Sale Black Friday Email Example

    There are so many good things about this email. It reminds the subscriber of the company’s mission – to outfit for and inspire outdoor adventure. The personalization is top-notch, with the subscriber’s weekend forecast. It provides links to find trails to explore and highlights content feature green space in cities. It reminds subscribers why they love REI. 

    If your company doesn’t discount, you can still use the opportunity to remind people why they shop at your store over the competition who might be discounting. 

    No Sale Black Friday Email Example

    The Teaser Email

    This is one of the best teaser emails we’ve seen. It’s hitting inboxes a few days in advance, and encourages subscribers not to shop until the sale. It creates a bit of mystery with the shadowed chair, and we guarantee people are clicking on subsequent emails to see what the sale is and if it was worth the wait. 

    Black Friday Sale Teaser Email Example

    The Only Sale of the Year Email

    Some brands rarely offer discounts and because of that they have an advantage over brands that discounts often on Black Friday. This email from Herschel immediately tells subscribers this is their only sale of the year. This creates some serious FOMO. Act now or pay full price. The progressive discounts and corresponding coupon codes are visible with a Shop Now CTA below. 

    The Only Sale of the year Black Friday Email Examples

    The Limited Stock Email

    The nature of Black Friday creates urgency all on its own, but if you can double down on urgency like this email from Huckberry, you’re going to get clicks. Limited Inventory screams Act Now. Mentioning it before the deals are shown ensures scrolls to see if there is anything they absolutely have to have because it will likely be sold out early. 

    Limited Stock Black Friday Email Example

    Wrapping It Up

    Hopefully we’ve given you a bot of inspiration and ideas for your own Black Friday Campaigns. Looking for more? Check out our other Black Friday resources. 

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