How MPA supplements Used RAEK to Grow Email Marketing List by 1.3K Subscribers

How MPA supplements Used RAEK to Grow Their Email List.
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    THE CHALLENGE: Grow email marketing list above and beyond the forms and pops we are using to capture emails.

    THE OUTCOME: RAEK added an additional 1.3K subscribers to MPA Supplement’s email marketing list in the short time it’s been installed on their website.

    COMPANY INFO: Created from the mind of, National Level Bodybuilder and highly sought after Nutrition Coach, Matt Porter, MPA Supplements, provides the highest quality supplements at full clinical dosages. Their exciting and unique formulations were built with the knowledge Matt gained from years of hands-on experience and time spent in the trenches with athletes. MPA supplements are available in stores in the United States and Europe and ships products to athletes worldwide through their website

    RAEK Case Study: MPA Supplements

    Headquarters: Spokane, WA


    Founded: 2015

    Monthly Website Traffic: 10.9K

    Industry: Sports Nutrition


    Sports nutrition is a highly competitive space. The way to stand out in the crowd is to build trust with your customers and customers-to-be by building a community around your product and focusing on education. Education is what separates high quality products from low quality lookalikes. Building a community on social media is not as easy as it used to be, and relying solely on social platforms to reach your audience is risky.

    Grow email marketing list by 1.3K


    MPA Supplements wanted to own more of the communication they had with their community.  To accomplish this goal, they set out to connect with more of their website visitors through email marketing

    MPA Supplements was collecting emails through popups offering a discount to shoppers, as well as through a static email form in the footer of their website. They started actively looking for a way to collect more emails beyond what they were already doing. 

    A friend in the sports nutrition industry said they were seeing good results using RAEK to grow their email list. The MPA supplements team is small, making simple implementation one of their main consideration points when selecting digital tools. RAEK fit the bill for both price and ease of implementation. 

    “It was easy. It was affordable. And once it was installed, we never had to think about it again. The emails automatically transfer to our ESP using Zapier.”

    – MPA Supplements

    In the short time we’ve had RAEK installed on the MPA Supplements website, we’ve added an additional 1.3K subscribers to our email marketing lists. Not only do we use email for brand and community building — 34% of our revenue is attributable to the marketing channel, making an email address highly valuable to us. 

    “We’re happy with how RAEK has helped us grow our email marketing list above and beyond what we were already doing, and we’re looking forward to plugging the additional first-party data into our paid advertising audiences in the future.”

    – MPA Supplements

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