3 Picture-Perfect Reasons to Visualize Your Visitor Data

paintbrush with paint smeared on easel

A lot happens in the human unconscious – maybe even more than you realize. Our brains can actually see images shown to our eyes for just a few milliseconds, and per hour, they can actually log tens of thousands of visual images. And while we’re not knocking the written word, it’s worth noting that visuals…

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Monetize the Data or Watch Your Business Burn

wallet full of burning money

Don’t Bring a Turtle to a Horse Race – Boost Your Business With Data Just in case we need to make this explicit, here it is: Data is valuable. That’s an understatement, actually. Data is profoundly valuable. For marketers everywhere, data has become the trump card that makes the difference between moderate business success and…

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Keep an Eye on These 8 Key Performance Indicators

blue eye looking at key performance indicators

Managing a business business blog? You probably know by now what a commitment you signed up for! Google wants fresh content, and it wants it right now. So if you aren’t churning these bad boys out on the regular, you will likely find yourself falling behind the curve. Not good in the days of digital…

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Data Deduplication: The Humble Digital Hero We Needed

exterminator deduplicating pests

With such an abundance of critically important info saved on our various devices, it’s been a no-brainer to consistently back up that data. Remember the days of forgotten manual saving and cruelly timed power outages? It’s okay to shudder.  Now we auto-back up everything from our emails and word docs to photos and work folders.…

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Draft Buyer Personas that Leap off the Page (4 Steps)

You can make buyer personas using research, surveys, and interviews. If you look through your contacts database, you may discover hidden trends in lead/customer behavior about how they like to find/consume content, so use form fields that account for key persona info when you create forms for use on your company’s website…

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Too Much Visitor Data? No Such Thing.

pink and orange color design

There are two ways to look at aggregate data. The first is as a “big-picture” thing. You want to make sense of the big data and in some way—to understand the patterns and relationships. The second way to view aggregate data is to look at the “small picture.”

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