How Using RAEK Led to an 89% YOY Increase in Black Friday Revenue for JM4 Tactical

Case Study: How Using RAEK Led to an 89% YOY Increase in Black Friday Revenue for JM4 Tactical
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    THE GOAL: Achieve an increase in Black Friday revenue over the previous year.

    THE OUTCOME: JM4 Tactical used RAEK to significantly increase their email list before the holiday shopping season and used the same first-party data profiles to build their paid advertising audiences. Together, the changes lead to an 89% increase in Black Friday revenue over the previous year.

    COMPANY INFO: JM4 Tactical is home to the Quick, Click, & Carry Holster, the only magnetic retention holster on the market. Their top quality holsters are stitched by hand with impeccable workmanship in Texas. JM4 Tactical holsters are available through Authorized Dealers in the United States and on their website at

    How JM4 Tactical achieved an 89% increase in Black Friday revenue with RAEK

    Headquarters: Abilene, TX


    Founded: 2016

    Monthly Website Traffic: 25.9K

    Industry: Holsters & Coffee


    JM4 Tactical has always engaged with their customers through organic and paid social. With organic reach becoming increasingly non-existent and paid ad prices rising, they knew they needed a way to reach their audience without having to pay every time they wanted to make a sale. 

    After researching options, the company decided to focus on growing their owned first-party data and double down on a marketing channel they could own and didn’t require them to pay per click — email marketing. Email marketing allows them to build first-party data and engage with their customers at a lower cost than paid ads. 


    The company started using RAEK 12 weeks before Black Friday, with a goal of growing their email list as much as possible before the holiday shopping season. Email marketing is a key factor to having a successful Black Friday sale. 

    The code snippet took less than 10 mins to install on The company logs into their RAEK dashboard once per week and uploads the collected first-party data profiles to their ESP (Email Service Provider) and adds the fresh list to their paid advertising audiences.

    89% increase in Black Friday revenue.


    The email list growth has been significant. In the 12 weeks leading up to Black Friday, the company added another, 5356 subscribers to their email list. The ability to have a direct line of communication with 5300 more people was powerful.

    JM4 Tactical Coffee

    The added emails helped us have the best Black Friday sale we’ve ever had. 53% of Black Friday sales were directly attributable to our email marketing campaign.

    – JM4 Tactical


    The company didn’t only use the first-party data collected by RAEK for email marketing, they also used the data to build advertising audiences for their retargeting ads and lookalike audiences. The company’s prospecting ads had a 125% increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).  

    “Before implementing the data, our prospecting ads were getting a 2.0x return. Now they are getting a 4.5x return.”

    – JM4 Tactical

    JM4 Tactical’s paid ads are significantly more profitable than they were before the advertising audiences were built using first-party data. 

    More profitable advertising campaigns and a significant boost in the size of the JM4 Tactical’s email marketing list led to an 89% year-over-year increase in sales for Black Friday 2022. 

    See how JM4 Tactical used RAEK to achieve these results.

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