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    Marketing represents a vast body of knowledge, and those in the biz today have way more to learn than, say, a Mediterranean merchant from 1,000 years ago. But before you yearn for the good old days of swords and sailboats, remember that knowledge is power, and in the age of the internet, that is truer than ever.

    Here is part one of our go-to marketer’s encyclopedia. Get familiar with the terms or refresh yourself – either way, if you know this material, you’re armed with the essentials that modern businesses need to succeed.


    If you don’t know content, you don’t know marketing! Content is an extremely general marketing term for published material online. You want to publish quality content that both engages and informs visitors on some relevant topic.


    A keyword is not necessarily a single word – it’s actually anywhere from one to several words that people use when searching for info of some kind on the web. So something like “best marmot repellant” is a keyword, and if you were a marmot exterminator, you would target this and similar keywords as you created your web content. 

    SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)

    Broadly, search engine-optimizing a webpage is the process of improving certain factors on your website to boost its ranking with Google or some other search engine. This is done in many different ways, which our blog regularly covers.


    Everyone knows about blogging by now! When you blog, you’re regularly writing or otherwise sharing content on your website. Blogs are used by businesses and individuals both. This practice is done to  attract leads and provide current customers with good content to keep them around.

    Call to Action (CTA)

    A call to action acts as some instruction that you’re delivering to a visitor. Anything from a simple “buy our stuff” to “click here for more info” is a call to action. They are usually best rendered as eye-catching media like a button or an attractive link/image.

    Page Performance

    A multi-coverage term for page performance that looks at website traffic, contacts acquired, on-page SEO, and CTA conversion rate.

    Page Rank

    This is Google’s rating that indicates how trustworthy they find your site. It’s algorithm-based, so don’t assume some guy is personally scoping out your site to see if it’s trustworthy. Sites get ranked on google’s 0-to-10 scale, where 0 means you don’t rank at all, and 10 is awarded to very, very few sites.

    Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    This is how many people—out of the total number—who saw a CTA somewhere in your marketing assets and clicked on it. So if a given CTA is seen by 100 people, and only 1 person clicks, that’s a click-through rate of 1%. 

    Churn Rate

    Churn rate is how many customers you’ve lost over some set period of time. So if you start the week with 1000 customers and lose 100 of them by the end, the week’s churn rate is 10%. For membership-based businesses, this is an important one to keep an eye on.

    Conversion Rate

    A conversion rate doesn’t just refer to the conversion of visitors into customers. It is, overall, the percentage of people who do what you want them to do via your marketing assets—this could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, etc.


    Data from analytics is used for websites and various marketing campaigns. If you’re tracking the performance of any online marketing efforts, analytics are what you need to be using. Google Analytics is one common example of an analytics platform used to monitor performance digitally. You’ll get data on things like website visitors, time spent on your sites, which pages were viewed, and a lot of other valuable stuff.

    Landing Page

    A landing page is simply a web page that pulls in traffic from outside its own website. It’s where visitors “land” as they show up on your site. This page is often used to convince visitors to sign up to take your business up on some offer or to buy a product/service. 

    Thank-You Page

    A thank-you page is how you deliver the content offer after someone fills out a form on a landing page. You are thanking the visitor for filling out the form and providing them with the content you promised.

    Content Offer (AKA Lead Magnet)

    In exchange for information from your website visitors—info that you will use to turn them into a lead—you as a business will give visitors a content offer. This can be something like an eBook or a webinar that the visitor earns by providing you with their contact info.

    Lead Generation

    This is how new leads are acquired – it’s done, generally, by giving valuable content to your site’s visitors in exchange for their contact info.

    Lead Nurturing

    Just because a visitor has become a lead doesn’t mean they’re ready to hand over their money. Lead nurturing is the process of giving your leads important, valuable info until they’re finally ready to make a purchase. Develop this relationship with your leads to show them you’re a reliable business that cares about them.

    Buyer’s Journey

    This is all the stages of the process a given lead passes through before converting into a customer. It starts with awareness and ends with a decision to buy your offer.

    Organic Traffic

    Visitors to your website who arrive via unpaid search results are your organic traffic. Organic traffic grants you a high-power platform for growth in the long term, making it one of the main goals of content marketing and SEO.

    Bounce Rate

    When a visitor lands on your website and clicks the back button right away (or otherwise leaves the site), they’re “bouncing.” Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who do this instead of staying for a certain amount of time.

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