viking attempting bad marketing strategies

Marketing Mythology: Debunking 4 Awful Ad Strategies

August 19, 2021

We talk a lot about strong marketing strategies for driven ad teams and businesses that want to grab customer attention—and keep it. But once in a while, it’s good to delve into the negative stuff too. In this case, that would be bad marketing and advertising strategies. Mistakes are natural, and they’re incredibly effective at…

men learning marketing terms

Marketing Terms You’ll Want to Memorize: Part Two

August 13, 2021

Welcome to part two of Raek’s marketing encyclopedia, your go-to guide for a marketer’s essential concepts. If you missed part one, click here to cover all the most basic content before reading below. Or maybe you’re already a marketing-savvy sales rep who just needs a quick refresher – regardless, here is where you’ll find the…

Discussing marketing strategy

Marketing Terms You’ll Want to Memorize: Part One

August 6, 2021

Marketing represents a vast body of knowledge, and those in the biz today have way more to learn than, say, a Mediterranean merchant from 1,000 years ago. But before you yearn for the good old days of swords and sailboats, remember that knowledge is power, and in the age of the internet, that is truer…

man holding A B testing puzzle pieces together

8 Tactics for A/B Testing – Which Marketing Style Actually Works?

August 1, 2021

A/B testing may sound intimidating to some marketers, but the truth is that it’s not actually that complex. That said, you should come at it with a clear strategy in mind, and defined goals certainly never hurt anyone either. The whole thing is fairly reminiscent of science, really –  you should kick things off with…

kid taking her first consumer's journey in a hot air balloon

The Consumer’s Journey: How to Market at Each Unique Step

July 27, 2021

Here’s an easy question: What’s the most important part of the entire conversion process? The customer! Yep, not a trick question. The customer rests at the center of the entire marketing world, and without them, well, there’s no revenue. That’s why empathy is so important in marketing, and one of the best ways to achieve…

paintbrush with paint smeared on easel

3 Picture-Perfect Reasons to Visualize Your Visitor Data

July 22, 2021

A lot happens in the human unconscious – maybe even more than you realize. Our brains can actually see images shown to our eyes for just a few milliseconds, and per hour, they can actually log tens of thousands of visual images. And while we’re not knocking the written word, it’s worth noting that visuals…

toy rocket blasting off

7 Social Media Super Tools for Rocket-Powered Marketing in 2021

July 16, 2021

Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Love it or hate it, if you’re a marketer, you’d better get comfy with social media. And if you haven’t yet joined the ranks of those web-savvy marketing teams who use incredible tools like the ones on this list, then lucky you – we’ve dropped our top 7…

check mark in box next to tiny wooden marketers

Strong Marketers Quickly Check These 6 Boxes Off Their List

July 10, 2021

Looking to build an exceptional marketing business, department, or team? Marketing is often about creativity and innovation, but there are still important staples you have to pin down before moving into the marketing hall of fame. Virtually all successful marketing agencies have the following 6 things in common, so read up and figure out how…

long-tail keys hanging in hotel

5 Ways Long-Tail Keywords Thrust Your Business Into The Limelight

July 5, 2021

Ever heard of a “long-tail keyword”? This is one of those terms that gets thrown around in the world of SEO, and the context isn’t always enough to give you a picture of what these things mean. Basically, long-tail keywords are longer, more specific keyword phrases than their shorter cousins. Long-tail keywords tend to get…

SEO letters with pen on top

Page-One SEO: 5 Tips That Show Google You Mean Business

June 29, 2021

SEO competition is stiff, and it’s not showing any signs of relaxing. You can expect this trend to continue as long as the internet keeps making itself ever-more indispensable to people of all stripes. As we move forward, here are 5 tips for would-be SEO champs who want to show Google that their business is…