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9 Social Media Marketing Errors That Crumpled Your Brand Image

June 23, 2021

Social media is its own great ocean with plenty of hazards, pitfalls, and choppy waters to navigate. Oh, and it’s also pretty much essential to the success of your marketing campaigns. But don’t panic! Plenty of businesses have already braved social media and made all kinds of mistakes for you to learn from. Here are…

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Monetize the Data or Watch Your Business Burn

June 17, 2021

Don’t Bring a Turtle to a Horse Race – Boost Your Business With Data Just in case we need to make this explicit, here it is: Data is valuable. That’s an understatement, actually. Data is profoundly valuable. For marketers everywhere, data has become the trump card that makes the difference between moderate business success and…

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3 Post-Click Landing Page Lessons You Missed

June 12, 2021

Even if you didn’t miss these lessons, there’s a good chance your own post-click landing pages could use a little upgrade. These 3 tried-and-true tricks are core to the structure of a good post-click landing page, and they have something important in common… They rely on psychology to make you money. And why shouldn’t they?…

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Are Your Emails CAN-SPAM Compliant? Your Business Depends on It

June 7, 2021

So what the heck is “CAN-SPAM Compliance”?  You may have heard this term discussed in marketing circles, and it’s often brought up in relation to legal matters. That’s because it represents an important legal checkpoint for the digital age. We can probably agree that spam sucks, but it may improve your spirits to learn that…

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Lead-Generation Know-How for Novices: A Beginner’s Guide (6 Steps)

June 2, 2021

Ready to kick off your first marketing campaign but not sure where to start? This guide is for you. Even if you’ve been around the marketing campaign block a time or two, it doesn’t hurt to review the essentials. Here are the 7 steps you need to cover from conception all the way to testing…

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Easy, Flat-Fact Guide to Return-on-Ad-Spending (ROAS)

May 27, 2021

If you’re into marketing, you’ve got to analyze data and gauge the efficacy of all your marketing efforts, from marketing campaigns right down to individual blog articles. That means you’ll need to get comfy with a bit of math! Even if finance and mathematics aren’t your go-to Friday night fun machines, you’ve got to at…

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8 Email Apps That Light Up Inboxes Like Christmas

May 22, 2021

Email was kind of like the earliest form of social media. It wasn’t “public” in the same way that Facebook and Twitter would become, but you were digitally communicating with other people—sometimes large groups of them at once—at the click of a mouse. Given how fast the internet moves, it’s honestly pretty remarkable how email…

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Rake in New Clients with 3 Compelling Referral Strats

May 17, 2021

In business, referrals really can’t be underestimated. For small businesses in particular, referrals are a major source of leads. Heinz Marketing once reported that 40% of leads were obtained via an official referral program. Wow! It also reported that among businesses with referral programs, 70% at least met their sales goals within a given period—and…

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Keep an Eye on These 8 Key Performance Indicators

May 11, 2021

Managing a business business blog? You probably know by now what a commitment you signed up for! Google wants fresh content, and it wants it right now. So if you aren’t churning these bad boys out on the regular, you will likely find yourself falling behind the curve. Not good in the days of digital…

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9 SEO Tricks to Grow Your Business

May 6, 2021

Put simply, every business relies on content and SEO to spread its message and grow its profits. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to understand what SEO is, and how to optimize your website for search engines. These days, it really is nothing short of imperative to improve your SEO strategy in order to help your…