cowboy preparing to shoot at customer target types

4 Customer Target Types for Straight-Shooting Marketers

May 1, 2021

We talk a lot about marketing to segments of customers, but there’s not just a single way of defining or segmenting your audience. As you build your ad campaigns, think about the following categories of segmentation and which might best serve your business. #1 Geographical Segmentation (The Basic One) Geographic segmentation is the simplest, most…

big vault with door open

3 Ways to Find New Clients Without Spending a Fortune

April 26, 2021

Business owners know that if they want to generate more clients, they need to find ways to promote their services and find new customers. The best way to do that is to generate new leads, but is that something a local business owner can do? This may sound like a challenging task, but maybe it’s…

woman drilling wall with electric drill

Stop Selling the Drill (Sell the Hole Instead)

April 21, 2021

Often, people buy things in order to solve a problem. This doesn’t have to be a “problem” in the traditional sense – it could be buying plastic doubloons to decorate your pirate room at the office. Not having enough doubloons can (technically) be seen as a problem. This kind of thing isn’t purchased because it’s…

a great rock divide with a tiny person falling

Divide-and-Conquer Marketing: Behavioral Segmentation in 4 Steps

April 16, 2021

Not all customers are created equal. Behavioral segmentation is the marketing process that takes this into account, allowing your business to hone its advertising efforts and target discrete categories of consumer based on how the act. This is an important step toward the success of virtually any business, and the modern accessibility of data makes…

military strike force chanting a slogan

Good Slogans Are the Elite Strike Force of Advertising

April 11, 2021

In advertising, things can get complicated. You can, for example, devote an entire blog to marketing’s many nooks & crannies, and fully exploring them would take a very long time. Yet one of the most profound truths in all of advertising can be summed up in one extremely simple aphorism: Keep it simple, stupid! Succinct…

writing/boxing champion in red form and white boxing gloves

4 Reasons Writing is the Muhammad Ali of Marketing

April 6, 2021

There are so many different marketing strategies out there that you can quickly lose count. Looking to drive traffic to your website? Attract leads’ attention to your advertising? Draw folks into your storefront? Get leads to invest in your business? There are too many ways to list. (Although we try our best to cover all…

exterminator deduplicating pests

Data Deduplication: The Humble Digital Hero We Needed

March 30, 2021

With such an abundance of critically important info saved on our various devices, it’s been a no-brainer to consistently back up that data. Remember the days of forgotten manual saving and cruelly timed power outages? It’s okay to shudder.  Now we auto-back up everything from our emails and word docs to photos and work folders.…

salmon swimming upstream

Upstream vs. Downstream Marketing – the Core Differences

March 25, 2021

How often have you seen some term defined and been like, I totally knew about that – you just didn’t know there was a word for it?  The German language can be a fascinating source of this phenomenon with its special terms for all kinds of crazy things, including the feeling of being alone in…

6 More Email Templates That Hook Attention Like A Prize Catch

March 20, 2021

You can see our first entry on 8 powerful email template services here, but this article will focus on 6 new services that we love just as much as our original 8. Looking to revitalize your brand image with gorgeous new email layouts? These template services are the perfect complement of minimal effort and creative opportunity to kick your marketing email into high gear…

Roulette-Wheel Marketing is Dead – Use Behavioral Targeting Instead

March 14, 2021

Sometimes, traditional advertising feels so arbitrary. Intelligent, cautiously designed messaging can just sink into oblivion for no apparent reason. Stupid viewers! It’s normal to find this frustrating—especially when you’ve sunk some amount of time and money into your marketing efforts. Whatever the reason, if customers don’t connect with your ad in a way that sees…