Raising the Banner – How to Use Banner Ads in Your Online Business

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    More and more online marketers are starting to see banner ads as part of their core campaign plan. They are proving to be very effective. The trick is to make it as memorable as possible. But banner ads are only a small part of the overall experience on your website, so how do you create great banners that are as memorable as possible and have the right mix of text, graphics, images and videos?

    Start with a quick sketch that captures the essence of your brand. Then, try to distill that down into a few key words and phrases. Think about the essence of your brand, be it on your website or even on social media. What elements from your visual assets are you hoping will be seen in that brief space. Why are they important to the overall experience?

    Feature a Clear-Cut Call to Action

    One of the most important things to think about in creating effective banner ads is a clear call-to-action. Do you want the viewer to visit your website, buy a product or subscribe to your newsletter? You can also ask the viewer to take a short survey to learn more about the brand, or perhaps submit their contact information to receive a reward. Or perhaps you want to encourage people to connect with you on social media.

    Some things to remember when creating banner ads for your website is to be as interactive as possible and don’t be afraid to let your viewer engage with the ad. Be sure to include a call to action, such as downloading a free trial for a free brochure. You can also let the viewer know that you will send them a follow up email, if they complete the short survey. And finally, be sure to include a URL in the body of the ad, so the viewer can click on it to learn more about your product.

    Include Headlines and Copy Relevant to the Products You’re Selling 

    These headlines should provide more information about the product and not just the text and images of the product. For example, you can include your logo and your price as the headline to better stand out. Make sure the headline is easy to read by using short lines and one or two words. If you want the viewer to make a decision to buy or not buy from your product right then and there, then make sure you include a clear call to action to do so.

    However, don’t use a title with so many words that it becomes difficult for the user to understand. Make sure the title is clear and also useful to the person reading the banner ad. The information to consider here is not so much about the amount of words but the space left between words to grab attention. Google also puts great emphasis on the visual as they have shown many times that great looking adverts outperform regular run of the mill advertisements. Make sure that the image you choose to use is appealing to your potential customers.

    It’s imperative to use the right colour to catch the user’s attention. The colour choice should be strong, clear and easy to read. Make sure you choose the colour according to the product and image to make it as effective as possible.

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