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    Your search for the best email marketing WordPress plugin ends here. We’ve rounded up the best of the best below.


    Email Marketing WordPress plugin

    The official Sendinblue Email Marketing WordPress Plugin. This plugin offers an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for another plugin for forms or popups. Sendinblue’s templates and drag and drop builder for both forms and emails make getting an on brand look easy. It also offers impressive automations to take your email marketing to the next level.


    • Easily build subscription forms and pop-ups, embed them anywhere on your website, and add new subscribers to your Sendinblue subscriber list.
    • Drag and drop email builder.
    • Easily build email marketing automation flows. 
    • Segment subscribers based on activity. 
    • What you need to use it:
    • A Sendinblue account. 


    Free for up to 300 contacts and limited features. The Premium plan which includes automations, starts at $65/month.

    Should you use it?

    If you are already using Sendinblue and have a WordPress site, the plugin is the cleanest and easiest installation. Sendinblue’s advanced feature offerings will grow with you as you grow your list. If you’re just starting out and don’t have the need for a bunch of features, other email marketing plugins, such as Mailchimp, have more substantial free plans.

    Icegram’s Email Subscribers and Newsletters

    Email Marketing WordPress Plugin

    Email Subscribers and Newsletters email marketing WordPress plugin doesn’t require a third-party service and allows you to create a list and send emails directly from your website. 


    • Create subscription forms for your website. 
    • Self-hosted – Doesn’t require a third-party service. 
    • Send new post notifications directly to your subscribers. 
    • Unlimited forms, contacts, lists, and email sends. 
    • What you need to use it:
    • Your website and a subscription to the service.


    Free to $10.75 per month, billed annually. 

    Should you use it:

    This is the cheapest uncapped email marketing service you are going to find. However, it lacks a drag and drop builder and other features that are usually standard. There also is the issue with deliverability. Sending regular email campaigns from a shared hosting environment greatly increases your chances of being marked as spam, because the IP address is shared with hundreds of other sites. One bad egg ruins the omelet for everyone.


    The RAEK WordPress plugin allows you to build first party data only our website visitors and instantly grow your subscriber list by identifying unknown website visitors and adding their email to your list. RAEK compliments your digital marketing strategy by allowing you to capture more information from your website visitors, more often. 


    • Identify unknown website visitors.
    • Get the email address of people who your forms, pop-ups, and quizzes miss. 
    • Build first party data contact profiles and add them to your list. 
    • Own your data – Download contact profiles on CSV or integrate with your third party email marketing platform.

    What you need to use it:

    A website. RAEK can be used as a stand-alone plugin or integrated with your email marketing provider. 


    Free to $349 per month. The free plan can be used forever. 

    Should you use it:

    RAEK collects the data of your website visitors, allowing you to own your audience data. Massive changes are taking place in the digital marketing world, making it harder to reach your audience in a cost-effective way. RAEK allows businesses big and small to truly own their customer data. 

    Mailchimp by intuit

    Mailchimp WordPress plugin

    Mailchimp is the easiest and best all around choice for those just getting started with email marketing. While this isn’t a plugin, it is a direct integration to WordPress, allowing you to easily create and embed forms on your website.  While there are third party plugins you can use, direct integrations are the best option.


    • Generous free plan offering 2000 contacts and, 10000 emails per month. 
    • Drag and drop builder.
    • Automations
    • Build emails, ads, and landing pages all in one place.

    What you need to use it:

    A WordPress website and a Mailchimp account. 


    Free to $299 a month and beyond. Overage rates apply after send limits.

    Should you use it: 

    We always recommend Mailchip to business owners who are just starting out. It’s simple to use and has powerful features. If your list is large, though, it is not the most cost-effective option available. 


    Hubspot Email marketing WordPress Plugin

    The HubSpot Email Marketing WordPress plugin brings your HubSpot CRM directly to your dashboard. Allow you to see contacts, page views, email opens, and sales information on your WordPress dashboard. HubSpot is a full marketing CRM, not just an email marketing platform, and boasts an impressive list of features. 


    • Email marketing with drag and drop builder.
    • Powerful marketing automation.
    • Full CRM
    • Forms and pop-ups
    • Analytics
    • Ad Retargeting
    • What you need to use it:
    • A HubSpot subscription


    Free to $3200 per month and beyond. 

    Should you use it:

    If you need a full CRM and marketing automation software, HubSpot is one of the best options. If you are only sending emails and have no need for the other features, this solution is probably not for you. 

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