Too Much Visitor Data? No Such Thing.

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    Use data, understand customers, get revenue. Seems easy! Well, sort of. Collecting data is actually the easiest part. What’s tough is when you have to combine all of that information into a whole body that helps you make better business decisions. It’s possible to use AI to look at your customers and find patterns that make the customer an ideal customer for the product. When you combine that data with the analysis of the original data, you can drive a product to customers that really needs that product. The best of this type of data uses machine learning to make predictions.

    There are two ways to look at aggregate data.

    The first is as a “big-picture” thing. You want to make sense of the big data and in some way—to understand the patterns and relationships. The second way to view aggregate data is to look at the “small picture.” You want to uncover the “why” of some number and understand the context of a single item (or series of items). 

    For example, you might be working on a healthcare marketing campaign to reduce diabetes. If you find that for every diabetic on your email list, there are five who have failed to enroll in the “education program,” you might want to dig deeper into the data, and ask why the results were that way. As organizations, you want to make sense of your big data, and come up with creative data-driven results – and ultimately, a more competitive position. 

    Predictive Analytics. 

    Many companies are now starting to look at how to use big data to get smarter about their businesses, and avoid the pitfalls of relying on guess work to predict the future. As for visitor data, well, there are a number of companies that are using big data, automated visitor management systems, and predictive analytics to reduce fraud, improve inventory management, and better anticipate future growth. That’s where it starts – with data.

    Deliberate Planning. 

    You’ve decided to start working on a new marketing campaign. You’ve thought about it over and over, and now, you’re finally ready to move forward. It’s time to set up a marketing calendar, and start planning out the strategy and the activities that you need to accomplish to accomplish your marketing goals. At the core, it’s about setting up your business for success. When you get good at doing this, you will start to make some really good decisions that will positively impact your business.

    Evaluating And Reassessing

    The media world is no different. Sometimes, the things you’re working on don’t end up working, or the product/service isn’t as successful as you’d hoped, or you think it could be better. Sometimes you can learn from mistakes, but there’s a big difference between learning, and moving forward and learning.

    It’s important to evaluate the outcomes of your efforts, and decide if you should move forward with the same approach, or try something new. In a different business, a different industry, maybe you can try something new. For example, if you’re an IT manager, you can try moving the point of contact with end users from an email signature, or a Facebook Page, or even from a discussion group, to an interactive, or even a web-based messaging service.

    At the core, it’s all about the strategy and the results.

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