The Top Digital Marketing Agency Tools

Digital Marketing Agency Tools
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    Digital Marketing Agencies have unique needs when it comes to tools, they need to work well, but they also need to be able to scale and allow you to easily manage multiple client accounts. It’s a tall order, so we went straight to the experts – our own clients, who happen to be some of the top digital agencies in the country. 

    Below are the digital marketing agency tools we heard agencies mention over and over. 

    Social Media Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies

    Sendible is a social media management tool for agencies to help you scale from 1 to 100 (or more) clients. It allows digital marketing agencies to save considerable time executing their clients’ marketing strategies.

    Sendible Features: 

    Publishing: Plan and schedule social media content across multiple channels in one place.

    Team Collaboration: Collaborate on content with team member hierarchies and workflow approvals.

    Messaging: All your clients messages and mentions from all social accounts appear in one inbox to streamline communication. 

    Reporting: Meaningful reports you can set to be automatically delivered to clients featuring your branding.

    Content Suggestion Tool:  Always have fresh related content at your fingertips. 

    Free migration: If you are managing 25 or more social media accounts, Sendible will help you migrate.

    Sendible Pricing: Starting at $89 a month for small digital marketing agencies. 

    SEO Tool For Digital Marketing Agencies

    NeuralText is an SEO and content tool. It automates much of the writing process by providing you with keyword research, keyword clusters, content briefs, analyzes your copy, and provides copy suggestions. Overall, it allows agencies to quickly and easily create content for clients.

    NeuralText Features:

    Keyword Research: Automate keyword research for your clients with NeuralText’s Keyword research tool. The tool allows you to find ideas for unique content and shows you search volume, trends, and competitiveness. It also provides keyword clusters to group in one piece of content.

    Content Brief: Analyze organic competitors with the content brief tool. The tool outlines the top ranking articles and posts for each keyword, so you can see what’s working. 

    AI Content Editor: Write your content smartly. Helps you write content relevant to both readers and search engines. 

    Smart Copy Tool: GPT-3 copywriting tool to use as a jumping off point or to help you generate new ideas.

    NeuralText Pricing: Try it for free, Pro plan – $119/mo

    Audience Building Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies

    Digital Marketing Agency Tools

    RAEK builds first party data on your clients’ website visitors. Digital marketing agencies are more aware than anyone on the importance of having a first party data strategy in place before third party cookies are phased out in 2023.

    RAEK Features: 

    First-party Data Builder: Automatically collects and organizes first-party data on your client’s website visitors. 

    Marketing Automation: Integrations allow you to push first-party customer data to your clients’ CRM, email marketing platform, AD networks, or other marketing channels. 

    Dashboard: A singular agency dashboard for all your client accounts. Manage all the data from all of your clients websites in one place, whether your digital marketing agency works with 1 client or 100.

    Improve ROI: RAEK increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns by allowing you to capture more of the traffic you are driving your clients’ websites. 

    Ease of Use: Simple features with a big impact. Data can be downloaded on CSV or easily integrated with your clients’ marketing platforms.

    Cross-Sell Other Services: We provide the data, you show your clients how valuable it is. RAEK builds a customer list for your clients which can be used for email marketing, digital advertising, direct mail, etc.

    RAEK Pricing: Free to $349 per website / Depending on volume.

    Tool to Streamline your Agency’s Sales Process

    Tools for digital marketing agencies

    Better Proposals allows you to streamline your sales process by providing professional first impressions, proposal creation and tracking, chat with prospects in real time as they read your proposal, and more.

    Better Proposals Features:

    Smart Proposal Creation: Create professional looking proposals in minutes. Easy to use, 100s of templates, no need to start from scratch each time as you can simply recycle what works. 

    Real-time messaging: Talk to prospects as they are looking at the proposal and answer questions in real-time. 

    Instant Notifications: Alerts tell you when a proposal was viewed, forwarded, printed or signed. Allowing you to know when it’s the right moment to follow up. 

    Better Proposals Pricing: Starting at $19 per user.

    White Label Analytics Dashboard Tool for Marketing Agencies

    WHite label anlaytics dashboard for digital marketing agencies

    Agency Analytics is a white label marketing analytics reporting dashboard, allowing you to provide campaign analytics on a custom dashboard with your digital marketing agency’s branding.

    Agency Analytics Features:

    Agency Branded Dashboards: Easily design the dashboard to match your branding, with your company logo and brand colors. 

    Client Login: Host the dashboards on your own domain. Clients go to your website to login to their dashboard. 

    Branded Mobile App: Agency branded mobile app lets clients access their marketing analytics on the go.

    Multiple White Label Profiles: Agencies who operate under more than one name have the ability to brand dashboard with separate logos and brand colors. 

    Agency Analytics Pricing: Agency pricing starts at $15/mo per client dashboard.

    No-Code Website Builder Tool

    No-Code Website Builder for Digital Marketing Agencies

    Webflow is a no-code website builder tool that combines engineering and design, allowing your marketing agency to build client websites in half the time as other builders or hand coded websites. 

    Webflow Features: 

    Visual Canvas: Create websites quickly with a completely visual canvas with the ability to easily integrate custom code. 

    Motion Design: Add animations to websites without JavaScript

    Ecommerce: Build Custom Ecommerce websites 

    Members/subscribers section: Gated member only content with adding plugins or other platforms

    Collaboration: Easily collaborate with the marketing team on design and content. 

    Webflow Pricing: Free to $36/mo per website

    Tool to Help Marketing Agencies Get Work Done 

    Productivity Tool for Digital marketing Agencies

    Slack allows you to communicate and collaborate with both your marketing agency team and clients all in one place. 

    Slack Features:

    Channels: Organized spaces for your team, clients, and projects all in one place. Have a separate channel for each project or team, so you can easily collaborate and communicate progress.

    Flexible communication: Whether your digital marketing agency team is all in the same office or dispersed, you can choose how best to communicate. With options to chat, send audio and video for asynchronous communication, or the option to live huddle to talk things through.

    All your tools in one place: integrates with the other apps you use to save time by allowing everything to happen in one place.

    Slack Pricing: Free to $12.50 per month/per user

    These were the tools we heard repeatedly when asking digital marketing agencies what they use to get work done. Make sure you use tools wisely, and use them to accomplish tasks that map to your goals.

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