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    If you’re running a business, you know how important it is to possess that holy grail of modern consumerism…

    We’re talking about data.

    Allow us a moment to cover the basics here. It works like this: Business success depends on profits; profits are earned by selling your product or services; those sales are tremendously accelerated by advertising; advertising has a critical advantage when it targets the right audience.

    To sum up, the success of your business depends hugely on your ability to target the right audience. If you’re advertising over-the-counter joint pain medication to twenty-somethings, it doesn’t matter how clever your ads are – you’re not going to make a dime. 

    Now imagine what it would be like if brick-and-mortar storefronts had the ability to automatically notice when someone stopped by and looked into the window with interest. Further, imagine that the business could then magically identify this person’s contact info, which the latter had previously consented to giving.

    With Raek, your website can perform the digital equivalent of exactly this.

    This process is called lead generation, and it’s a vital organ in the anatomy of your business. But what if you could obtain more than just an email address? What if you could automatically pick up—for free—the name of a visitor, the landing page they hit, their postal address, and any relevant opt-in dates? 

    All of this without the visitor having filled out a contact form on your site. 

    On your end, as a Raek user, there are no subscription fees and no Google Analytics. Just simple, straightforward software that legally collects leads and hands them to you on a silver platter. That’s Raek, and lead generation is more accessible than ever. We’re excited to share the tech we’ve been working so hard to develop, so for the curious, here’s a quick rundown of how we—and you—obtain the info.

    Web Tracking

    First, you install our software. Don’t worry – getting started with Raek’s web-tracking service is easy. You just have to install the code snippet on your website. Alternatively, if you’re not a web-dev guru, there are other easy options like WordPress plugins. Locating and installing the most convenient option for you will only take about 90 seconds. 


    We specialize in identifying anonymous traffic, and we do it through our partner network, which contains millions of contact data-points. All of these feature third-party opt-ins. Raek’s tech can now accurately identify US net traffic across all devices and sessions. So after installing Raek, it’s an additional 60 seconds of your time to set this process up. Free and quick – boom.

    CAN-SPAM Compliance

    Importantly, you have permission to market to these leads. All of the [provided email addresses have already opted into receiving promotions from our partner network. So you’re not just grabbing the info out of their wallet – they elected to provide that info under conditions that permit the sharing of that data. Note also that only US-based emails can participate, so our process is 100% CAN-Spam Compliant.

    CRM/ESP Integration

    One of the best parts of the whole thing? You can easily integrate your generated leads with pretty much any email marketing application. Of course, if your particular app isn’t compatible with Raek software, we’re taking suggestions. Email us to suggest an email app you’d like to see integrated, and we’ll seriously consider it. We want lead generation to be as simple as possible, so let us know if we missed any popular apps!

    Ready to change the way you do business?

    If you were running a physical storefront, you’d be able to say hi to everyone who walks in. Sadly, the internet is a bit less personable. We’re working to change that! Lead generation through data collection is the way of the future. If you’re not making the choice to boost your business now, you’ll be falling into a shrinking bracket of old-fashioned, outdated web marketing. The net moves fast, but we’re handing you the keys to a souped-up racing rig.

    The future of business has arrived – are you here to meet it?

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