Getting Customers Over the Finish Line with Retargeting and Remarketing

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    Small businesses spend time and money driving people to their websites, but not every person that visits your site will convert, in fact the large majority do not. While it varies by industry, most sources state that on average 97% of people leave e-commerce websites without making a purchase. They could be just browsing, gathering product information, or are simply not ready to make a purchase yet. But if you have the system in place to capture their data you can retarget them through email, text messaging, and digital advertising to bring them over the finish line. 

    What is retargeting and remarketing?

    Retargeting and remarketing involve reaching customers who have bounced from your site through other marketing channels in an effort to convert them to buyers. Retargeting usually refers to reaching previous website visitors through digital advertising campaigns. While remarketing involves reaching website visitors through your owned media channels such as email, text messaging, or direct mail. The goal of both is the same, bring them back to your website. 

    Customers these days want two things. To know the brand they are buying from and feel like the brand knows them as well. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to build that trust by repeatedly exposing the customer to your brand and message, building brand awareness and recognition.

    Remarketing also provides you with a huge bang for your buck. This is not mass marketing or spray and pray. It is engaging and targeting the people who are most likely to make a purchase, those who have already shown an interest in your brand.

    Sound good? Let’s do this! Wait…how?

    Remarketing How-to: 

    The best place to start is by setting up simple email and text message automations. The most impactful thing about automations is not that they are inexpensive, although that’s a huge bonus, it’s that once they are set up, they run on their own and make you money while you focus on other things. Everyone wants to make money in the background. 

    The remarketing automations that RAEK users find the most success with are:

    The Welcome Series: A welcome series is a sequence of emails that introduce the website visitor to your brand, demonstrates how you can help them, and educates them about your product. 

    Allow us to introduce ourselves

    Browse Abandonment Automation: This automation is triggered when a known customer browses your website, but then leaves without making a purchase. It can include a coupon or simply a reminder within 24hrs hours of the item they were looking at. RAEK allows you to send these emails to unknown website visitors as well.

    The opportunities for triggered personalized messaging are great. You can trigger based on product category, personal preferences, or even the product they were looking at. You’re continuing the conversation here. Think through what question people usually have about the product and answer those questions. If the product is low in stock tell them, include a product video, or photos. 

    Email is an app. You have the ability to reach people directly on their phones. Making your email list immensely valuable. However, email lists have another superpower…


    Retargeting currently works like this:

    1. A person visits your website.
    2. They bounce from your website and are tracked by cookies.
    3. Website visitor starts seeing your ads on other websites they visit.
    4. Website visitors click ads and return to your website. 

    But the game is changing. With the cookiepocolypse on the horizon, and the ensuing loss of tracking data that will follow, your email list will become even more valuable. You can set up automations to instantly add email subscribers to Facebook and other advertising network audiences, allowing you to continue to effectively retarget website visitors.

    How Remarketing and Retargeting Fit into Your Marketing Strategy

    As with all marketing, the best approach is a multichannel approach. When used alongside the marketing you are already doing, remarketing and retargeting can increase your sales significantly. The more we are in front of customers, the more likely we are to stay top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase. 

    Need help with your remarketing strategy or wondering how RAEK can help you capture more website visitor information, send us a message. We would love to help!

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