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Who Is Raek?

To truly understand who the Raek Team is, you first need to understand why Raek was created.

Raek was built with the vision gained by frustration with current lead generations techniques. Our team designed and built a web utility to collect and track leads from our partner network to help boost lead generation across our network of sites.

We are a team of business owners with backgrounds in sales and marketing just like you. We've struggled with cold calling, old and unresponsive email lists and direct mailers that failed. Finally We Have A Lead Generation Tool That Simply Works.

Our Mission

Gone are the days of buying lead lists with outdated/incorrect contact info.

We strive for the highest qualified leads, with detailed insights into consumer interests. We've eliminated the inundated process of purchasing old, over-used lists and having to clean them.

Replacing this archaic style of marketing, Raek has developed a tool to collect your own leads with the ability to track active web user interest levels in your specific market increasing conversions.

The Raek Network

Once you join Raek, you are joining a community of businesses working together...

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