About Us

When I sat down to write this, I thought how, in the hell, am I going to tell everyone about this passionate group that makes up RAEK. Should I go into detail of every team member's background, experience and accomplishments? In an age where it feels like everything is fluff, would you even believe me anyway? In short, I'll say this team probably has many similarities to your own team. A group of sales and marketing professionals all with wild stories of triumph and failure across multiple industries. The real story here is about why we built RAEK and the shared problems we are trying to solve.

We built RAEK because we couldn't find a customer data solution specifically built for small to medium size businesses (SMBs). The companies without data scientists or budgets for enterprise solutions. It required us to build a product that ran on autopilot, with simple onboarding, didn't require a ton of resources (time, money or people), and to see immediate value returned. We wanted to build something to complement the digital marketing businesses were already doing and activate the underutilized resources they had. RAEK was formed with those main things in mind. It has taken us two years of dedication to bring you a product that, we believe, has all these attributes.

We analyzed our needs and discussed our common pain points we experienced while marketing small businesses throughout our careers. We realized that almost all the businesses we had worked with struggled with the same tasks in digital marketing. Just having a website doesn't cut it anymore. You have to be proactive in building your brand, or you will find your business losing customers at an alarming rate. There is an overwhelming amount of tech and software solutions to help you market to your customers. Here at RAEK, we always came back to the same problem — who do we send that exciting email to? Who do we text a message to about our the big sale? Who do we address the direct mail to? RAEK is about the WHO!

RAEK solves this age-old problem by turning your website traffic into marketable profiles and a passive lead generation source. Your customer data holds the key to explosive growth. RAEK is a group of passionate individuals working to empower SMBs to use it.

Your first-party data is your most powerful asset

Your first-party data is your most powerful asset

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