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Did you know collecting your own data doesn't have to be hard? We built a plugin that does all the heavy lifting for you by collecting your raw data and automatically turning it into leads for your business.

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RAEK Plus WordPress

Managing Website Data
Just Got Easier

RAEK Plus WordPress

Grow Your List

The problem with pop-ups and forms is that people don't fill them out and the data you collect is limited. We're filling in the gaps — RAEK builds customer data profiles for both your known and unknown visitors.

RAEK Plus WordPress

Organize in One Place

All your customer and website visitor data organized in one place. Download on CSV or transfer to your ESP or CRM.

RAEK Plus WordPress

Easy to Use

Data you don't or can't use is worthless. RAEK makes it easy. Your organized customer data profiles can be easily used through the marketing channel of your choice.

Get Higher ROI

For Your WordPress Website

Start capitalizing on your website's traffic by capturing your traffics' data. More leads mean more customers, more targeting attributes for online advertising like PPC, and higher ROI from your website.
RAEK Plus WordPress

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RAEK Plus WordPress

Identify website visitors from 3rd party traffic sources. Data on all website traffic coming from any source.

Tokenize unknown visitors for identification. As soon as we have an unknown visitor's information, we’ll send it to you.

Organize all customer website data in one place. Form fills, landing pages, purchases — we collect and organize it all in one place. One login. All your data.

Own your customer profiles forever. Don’t let third- party ad and social networks hold your audience data hostage. RAEK allows you to truly own your audience.


RAEK Plus WordPress

Digital advertising costs are skyrocketing. Retarget website visitors through lower cost channels such as email marketing and SMS.

Decrease ad spend waste by creating highly targeted ad audiences with your first-party data.

Reach buyers sooner, before they’re ready to buy. Early identification and contact increases the likelihood of turning visitors into buyers.

Get in touch quickly. Contact visitors within moments of them reaching your website.

This Plugin Collects Data
You Can Use

We provide the data.
You choose how to use it

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RAEK Plus WordPress