What Your Customers Actually Want from Personalization – 6 Things

What Your Customers Actually Want From personalization

Personalization is an expected part of the customer experience now. When you offer a personalized experience, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers. When you don’t offer a personalized experience or offer one falling short of expectations, customers will bounce. But, no one is defining what those two scenarios look like. Today, we’re covering…

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Personalized Marketing vs Personal Customer Experience

Personal customer experiences > personalized marketing

A personal customer experience is not the same thing as personalized marketing. One is a genuine relationship and the other mimics one. Now that the world has moved online, many businesses are looking to capture the personal customer experience online. But how? Today, we’re digging into how to make your marketing feel more personal.                                  What…

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Fighting Back Against Walled Gardens with First-Party Data

Walled Gardens Advertising

Walled Gardens control a disproportionate amount of digital advertising spend and the percentage, currently 74%, is growing each year.  Each year they know more and more about your customers, you know less, and you have no choice but to pay them to reach your customers. Is there anything you can do about it? Or are…

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How To Use First-Party Data 101

How to Use First-party data

First-party data, you’ve collected it, now what do you do with it? Today we’re jumping into how to use first-party data to boost the effectiveness of your marketing if you’re a small business. Ok, here’s the deal the majority of people and businesses who talk about first-party data talk about creating a 360° view of…

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Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Free Marketing Tools

One of the great things about the internet is that, with a little time and money, anyone can start a business. However, if you’ve spent any amount of time online, you know that the old adage of “If you build it, they will come” was only true for Kevin Costner. Getting found online requires marketing. …

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The Ultimate Guide to First-Party Data

first-party data

First-party data (1P data), marketing professionals everywhere are talking about it now that privacy changes are impacting other forms of consumer data. But what is it? And how do you use it to positively impact your marketing? In this guide, we’ll discuss the what, why, and how of first-party data or data that you directly collect from your customers. 

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