How an Agency Uses RAEK to Deliver High Converting Digital Marketing Ads and Increase Sales

How Barham Marketing Uses RAEK to Deliver Higher Converting Digital Marketing Ads and Upsell Clients Into More Services.
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    THE GOAL: Adapt to the privacy focused digital advertising environment while still delivering high converting digital marketing ads.

    THE OUTCOME: The first-party data collected by RAEK increased their client’s paid ad performance and allowed the agency to upsell clients into additional services.


    Barham Marketing is a digital advertising agency focused on growing businesses by getting
    them in front of the right people, at the right time, on the right digital channels for their audience.
    Their data-driven approach to advertising is designed to help businesses increase brand
    awareness, reach a wider audience, and drive sales from both new and current customers.
    Barham is based in Washington state and has grown into a nationally recognized agency through the success of the Beardpreneur TikTok account.

    Headquarters: Spokane, WA


    Founded: 2018

    Type of Agency: Digital Advertising


    Everyone in the marketing industry is well aware of the current landscape. Both iOS 14.5 and the deprecation of third-party cookies have made a significant impact on the way digital marketing is done. Being a marketing agency with a digital advertising focus, Barham Marketing, knows the importance of first-party data both for themselves and their clients. They knew the faster their clients started actively collecting first-party data, the better their future ad performance would be — high converting digital marketing ads is what every client wants.

    But the advertising agency never imagined what it would do for their business beyond having access to the first-party data RAEK collects from website visitors. 

    “I 100% believe RAEK gives us an advantage over other marketing agencies.”

    – Mitch Barham

    Paid ads are suffering right now because of the push for privacy and the resulting changes in the digital marketing world. When new clients reach out, their first comment is often about how weak their paid ad performance is.”


    Every marketing agency should be talking to their clients about the importance of building first-party data, but Barham Marketing found few other agencies are. At the end of the day, clients want high converting digital marketing ads, and using first-party data achieves that. 

    “RAEK has allowed us to deliver high converting digital marketing ads as well as grow our clients’ email audiences with people who are interested in their products.”

    – Mitch Barham
    Marketing agency


    RAEK grows email lists by identifying website visitors and collecting first-party data above and beyond what forms and popups collect. 

    For many of Barham Marketing’s clients, email marketing generates a large chunk of their overall revenue, making additional email addresses extremely valuable

    “When clients see the additional emails RAEK collects, upselling them into email marketing services is easy. On the low end, this generates us an additional $1000 per month when the client takes the upsell.”

    – Barham Marketing


    Barham Marketing’s mission is to get their client’s voice heard by the right people to drive new customers and increase their client’s bottom line. 

    RAEK helps Barham Marketing fulfill their mission. First, the agency builds trust by talking about the importance of first-party data when few agencies are — clients feel like they have the inside scoop. But also because the performance on their clients ads is so much better.

    barham marketing client picture

    “We increased one client’s ROAS by 1000% by using the first-party data RAEK collected to build their ad audiences. It’s so good it sounds fake, but that’s proof of how huge of an asset first-party data is.”

    – Mitch Barham

    What’s your favorite thing about RAEK? 

    “The people — they are always eager to be of assistance when we need it. Obviously we love how RAEK helps us collect and utilize our client’s first-party data and how rapidly they are expanding their capabilities is exciting, but yeah, we love the people.” 

    See how Barham Marketing used RAEK to achieve these results for their clients.

    About RAEK:

    RAEK helps marketers grow their revenue, improve the efficiency of their digital
    marketing, and turn more website visitors in to buyers with our marketing
    platform. RAEK’s digital marketing tool installs in minutes and automatically
    collects, organizes, and allows you to utilize your first-party data through your
    marketing channels.

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    RAEK was built by a group of digital marketers on a mission to help small businesses grow and easily utilize their first-party customer data.