What Your Customers Actually Want from Personalization – 6 Things

What Your Customers Actually Want From personalization

Personalization is an expected part of the customer experience now. When you offer a personalized experience, customers are more likely to become repeat buyers. When you don’t offer a personalized experience or offer one falling short of expectations, customers will bounce. But, no one is defining what those two scenarios look like. Today, we’re covering…

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Marketing for a Construction Company

Marketing for a construction company

Gone are the days of people searching the phone book for a contractor. The search for a contractor or construction trades begins online. Here’s how to market your construction company digitally, so you can stand out online. Identify Target Market Like marketing for any type of business, you need to know who you are speaking…

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11 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Email marketing Mistakes

Email marketing mistakes happen all the time, as any seasoned email marketer will tell you. This list is not to scare you away from email marketing, it’s better to send the email than to not, but rather a list of common, easily fixable mistakes. Correcting these mistakes will help your email marketing program have more…

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How to Clean Your Email List and Why

How to clean your email list

Email marketing is a numbers game. The bigger your list, the more you’re going to sell. Small caveat here, though, the list needs to be healthy. A big list does nothing for you if no ones is opening your emails. To keep your list healthy, you need to clean it regularly.  What does it mean…

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What are Micro Conversions & Why Do They Matter

Micro Conversions

When most marketers think about conversions and how to optimize them, they are thinking about purchases (ecommerce), requesting a demo (SaaS), creating an account (social networks), or signing up for a newsletter (content sites). But there are many steps customers take before the big conversion, called micro conversions. Today we’re talking about what micro conversions…

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Personalized Marketing vs Personal Customer Experience

Personal customer experiences > personalized marketing

A personal customer experience is not the same thing as personalized marketing. One is a genuine relationship and the other mimics one. Now that the world has moved online, many businesses are looking to capture the personal customer experience online. But how? Today, we’re digging into how to make your marketing feel more personal.                                  What…

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Black Friday Email Examples

Black Friday Email Examples

Black Friday is fast approaching, and we’re all out here looking for click worthy Black Friday email examples. We’ve got you! Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Black Friday emails.  Subscription Black Friday Email Example – Reducing Friction People have a lot of questions and worries when signing up for subscriptions. While this…

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39 Black Friday Email Subject Lines That Get Clicks

Black Friday Subject Lines that get clicks

It doesn’t matter how epic your Black Friday emails and deals are if no one opens them. The competition is high and inboxes are crowded. Here are 39 Black Friday email subject lines to help you stand out inboxes. The Two Subject Line Ingredients Needed for Opens Before we dive into actual Black Friday email…

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11 Ways to Build Your Email List for Black Friday

Build your email list for Black Friday

Black Friday is coming. You may or may not be thinking of campaigns or have them done already, but who are you sending those campaigns to?  90% of people who buy online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday opened an email from the brand before the holidays started. Add to that the less than 20%,…

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Guide to Direct Mail Marketing with 7 Examples

Guide to Direct Mail with 7 examples

Marketers like to make big, bold claims about certain marketing channels being dead. Not only is it dramatic, it’s rarely true. With people working and spending their downtime online, many have said direct mail is dead. We’re here to assure you, direct mail marketing is alive and well (the average US household receives 454 pieces…

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