The Ultimate Guide to First-Party Data

first-party data

First-party data (1P data), marketing professionals everywhere are talking about it now that privacy changes are impacting other forms of consumer data. But what is it? And how do you use it to positively impact your marketing? In this guide, we’ll discuss the what, why, and how of first-party data or data that you directly collect from your customers. 

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8 Email Apps That Light Up Inboxes Like Christmas

email app in inbox for marketing

Email was kind of like the earliest form of social media. It wasn’t “public” in the same way that Facebook and Twitter would become, but you were digitally communicating with other people—sometimes large groups of them at once—at the click of a mouse. Given how fast the internet moves, it’s honestly pretty remarkable how email…

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Rake in New Clients with 3 Compelling Referral Strats

money underneath marketer's mouse

In business, referrals really can’t be underestimated. For small businesses in particular, referrals are a major source of leads. Heinz Marketing once reported that 40% of leads were obtained via an official referral program. Wow! It also reported that among businesses with referral programs, 70% at least met their sales goals within a given period—and…

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4 Customer Target Types for Straight-Shooting Marketers

cowboy preparing to shoot at customer target types

We talk a lot about marketing to segments of customers, but there’s not just a single way of defining or segmenting your audience. As you build your ad campaigns, think about the following categories of segmentation and which might best serve your business. #1 Geographical Segmentation (The Basic One) Geographic segmentation is the simplest, most…

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3 Ways to Find New Clients Without Spending a Fortune

big vault with door open

Business owners know that if they want to generate more clients, they need to find ways to promote their services and find new customers. The best way to do that is to generate new leads, but is that something a local business owner can do? This may sound like a challenging task, but maybe it’s…

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