Simply Explained: Unravelling the Mystery of Web Crawlers

web crawler on large web

If you’ve spent even a little time in the world of SEO, you’ve probably heard of web crawlers. Carrying on with the metaphor of the internet as a web, crawlers are the little buggers that Search Engine Overlords like Google disperse to investigate every last thread.  To be more specific, web crawlers are internet bots…

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Wait – So Lead Generation is Easy Now?

marketers surprised at how easy lead gen is

If you’re running a business, you know how important it is to possess that holy grail of modern consumerism… We’re talking about data. Allow us a moment to cover the basics here. It works like this: Business success depends on profits; profits are earned by selling your product or services; those sales are tremendously accelerated…

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Digital Marketing’s 5 Golden Rules (AKA the “Big 5”)

the golden curtain of marketing

“Take the long view.” “It’s all about the customer.” “You can’t over-market.” “Speed of execution is as important as quality of execution.”  Blah, blah, blah. Marketing advice like the above is endless—and often contradictory. That’s because it’s easy to make excuses for ineffective marketing campaigns or to blame the business’ marketing team for poor results.Maybe…

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6 Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

phone recording of concert for Facebook

The world’s second-largest online network, Facebook, is only getting bigger. According to statistics from Facebook, there are more than 2.7 billion monthly active users across the globe. With such a large amount of users, it would be foolish not to leverage this network to help your business grow. This article will deliver 5 tips to…

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Marketing Mythology: Debunking 4 Awful Ad Strategies

viking attempting bad marketing strategies

We talk a lot about strong marketing strategies for driven ad teams and businesses that want to grab customer attention—and keep it. But once in a while, it’s good to delve into the negative stuff too. In this case, that would be bad marketing and advertising strategies. Mistakes are natural, and they’re incredibly effective at…

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